Own a Gym

Why The
Fitness Industry?

Athelonics is not just a gym but a center for fitness where you get the best fitness offerings including wide variety of group classes, personalized training, community events, boot camps and more. We entered this industry to offer people a hybrid gym that combines the best fitness experiences available today to bring them under one roof along with the best manpower machines and motivation to support people through their fitness journey.

Why athelonics?

See tangible results of your effort when working out at Athelonics…We provide flexible working hours so that there‚Äôs never a time constraint when it comes to fitness. With a hybrid training experience to ensure good results and an adrenalin pumping environment, we are the best in town!


Complete Support

Team Athelonics provides a complete support to its partners and can always be counted upon!

Low Investment

With Athelonics, you don’t have to worry about investments… Get output even at low investments.


Athelonics makes sure that your returns are always greater. There’s no investment risk but a guarantee of high returns.

What we Offer


Layout & Support

  • Site Approval
  • Agreement formats for agreements with property owners
  • Site measurement, layout planning and design
  • Construction and Interior Design guidance & support
  • Support finalizing all machinery, fittings and fixtures
  • Complete IT setup
  • Functional Training Setup
  • Access Control & Monitoring System


Operations Support

  • Induction Training and Annual Conferences
  • Staff Recruitment Support
  • Regular Operations Support
  • Class Planning and Scheduling Support
  • Event Planning & Management Support
  • Dynamic Customer Feedback Software
  • Member Retention Program
  • Inhouse CRM Software
  • Inhouse Cloud Storage Radio

Marketing Support

  • Regular Support from Sales & Marketing Team
  • Prelaunch & Opening Event Marketing Support
  • Regular Offers & Promotions Suggestions
  • Online Marketing Support
  • Art Work for Print Promotional Material
  • Art Work for Online Promotions